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Adding Proofing to the 2o2o Position

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  • says:

    Do you name the end behavior? Like with the running DW there are multiple exits, but with the stop since it’s just stop in this position, would you just cue “walk” and dog has that understanding of driving to the end and stopping?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      That becomes a personal choice. Some people like the 2o2o to be assumed. If I say “walk”, the dog should automatically do the 2o2o without any additional command. This is how my sheltie Sting is trained. All of my other dogs have a separate verbal. They are not super dependent on it (if I forget to say “target” they will stop) but I like the separate command so I can ask for it in other places. I might warm it up on a set of stairs, a Cato board, etc and having it on its own command allows this to go easier. So for Surprise I cue “walk” and then “target”. With her speed the extra command is also a nice reminder to what she is suppose to do at the end, especially since she was first taught a RDW.

  • GoldenJoy says:

    where do I find a board like you used?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      These are ones that a students husband made for me but many equipment providers sell them. I sell them at my facility but that doesn’t help you unless you plan to be in Ohio soon.

      Also, it should be pretty easy to make. Just a 12”x36” piece of plywood that is painted and rubberized and then screwed on top of 2 x 4s.

      Max 200 is where I’d look first. As a VIP you have a discount code for them.

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