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Training Concepts

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  • Sarah Scott says:

    Annie is a mini Aussie, doesn’t tug, loves to chase balls but doesn’t retrieve them. To her, chasing a ball would be the highest value reward, a treat second. But I usually end up just treating her because I can’t be going to pick up her balls all the time during practice. Any ideas?

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Yes, either teach her to bring the ball back, or use the balls and collect them at the end of your turn or the end of training. You can also try a ball on a rope because they won’t bounce or roll very far and so they will be easier to retrieve. If you’re interested in teaching the retrieve, let me know and we will work on it.

  • Margo Maruncic says:

    I am noticing that my border collie will drop the bar doing a left hand turn.Any suggestions?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      First, rule out physical causes.
      Second, make sure you work both sides whenever possible, and if you’re doing a drill where you can choose your side (like you’re working on foundation skills), work the weak side FIRST. This will do a few things, 1) make sure you do inadvertently do fewer reps on the bad side, if anything you want more reps to overcome the weakness, 2) make sure you are working his weak side when he is physically and mentally the freshest.

  • says:

    Realizing that my training has not adequately covered contrasting sequences, especially rear cross/simple turn and threadle/serps

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