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Fundamentals Exercise 1 – Stationary Deceleration

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  • Barbara Lewis says:

    holding the toy………demo person switches hands…… My dogs keep an eagle eye on the toy when I have it in hand won’t switching it create a bit of a distraction?

  • Barbara Lewis says:


    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Anything you like, I have always used the same verbal for left and right wraps, which is the dogs name repeated: mirmirmir (Miriya), gitchgitchgitchi (Gitchi), etc. Other popular ones include digdigdig and cik/cap

  • Barbara Lewis says:

    Re tossing reward: handler does “step into the throw so there is, strictly speaking, motion but not running motion. I would conclude that it’s OK

  • says:

    We (dog & I) are having a little confusion on which way to wrap when approaching headon. It seems that if dog is on left, he wraps to the right and if he is on right dog wraps to left. But I must be cueing this wrong cuz he will twirl not knowing which way to wrap. Sorry no video yet.

  • asheltielover says:

    My dogs are not as toy driven. Could you do this with a manners minder or would you maybe recommend a toy that holds food like a lotus ball?

  • says:

    I have one experienced dog, and another that I am starting. At what point would you begin using these exercises with naïve dogs?

  • addictedtolabs says:

    12 years of experience and currently working with 2 Master level pups and a 11 month old, new format is so awesome! The feedback by Esteban has been so helpful and now this has put you over the top for for agility training.

  • Michelle says:

    So you need a verbal cue?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Most handlers do have some sort of verbal component. But it is largely a motion cue and you don’t necessarily have to have a verbal to go with it.

      Esteban and I use our dog’s name in a repeated cadence. “ven ven ven” “mir mir mir”. Other common ones are “dig dig dig”.

  • says:

    Hello! Here’s our first attempt at this exercise – a few questions: should I use my decel cue (check) or my tight turn left/right cue (spin/twirl)? And should I add bar height for each exercise as we go along or only once we’ve done a few more exercises and have more distance to play with?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      These look great!

      I think I would use your check cue for now. But you could use all three knowing that your left/right are more specific versions of your check cue.

      If your dogs are old enough to jump, I would start adding height now. You can then lower the jump later if your dog starts to struggle with exercises, it will give you a criteria to loosen while you increase the criteria of speed.

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