Fundamentals Exercise 2 – Adding Dog Motion – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Fundamentals Exercise 2 – Adding Dog Motion

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  • says:

    Not at all sure I’m doing this correctly. Even though some of the dogs were not interested in the toy, I didn’t have treats I could throw in grass, and thought at least some movement from the toy would give them something to focus on . PJ’s problem was more in the category of self control with the toy!!

  • Barbara Lewis says:

    To start the dog I notice handler kind of “bobs” I don’t have a nonverbal and rely on “OK.” Anything wrong with that and should I add the “bob?”

  • says:
    I recently sprained my ankle (running backwards on course! Naughty!) So I have had an opportunity to work on this a bit more. This video has clips from the first and last session done this past 10 days or so. No handler motion for obvious reasons, but I’m wondering if this is looking good enough to start the next step?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Wow! With the exception of that one rep by epic, these were exceedingly perfect. Like really fantastic collections and bending.

      Definitely you can move on!

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