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Fundamentals Exercise 4 – Adding a Jump Before the Turn

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  • Nathalie says:

    when I train like this holding the toy in my hand, often my dog jumps at the toy and ignores my cue to jump or turn. If I hide the toy in my coat, I tend to be slow to throw it. How do I teach to ignore the toy ?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      I almost never have the toy in my signal hand. I always have it in my non-signaling hand and I switch when I cross. I don’t even have to think about it – it just happens.

      Another strategy is to use a smallish toy that you can fold in half and hold in your hand.

      • Nathalie says:

        I don’t have it in my signalling hand either but she comes on the “wrong side” of me, that’s how I know she is following the toy. I will try to hide it more !

  • says:

    Is the dog being pattern trained? The dog should pick up on the fact that the handler will decelerate and the dog will come around the wing.

  • Lynne Bockelman says:

    Great stuff – easy to follow step-by-step progression. Thanks!

  • Barbara Lewis says:

    After working on just a single jump for decel with H and D both moving toward jump I got only a taste of success. Will have helper next week.

    Did try the first diagram on “Diagrams for Exercise 4” the single jump (? distance between jumps ?? I put them about 12′ apart)

    We had done all the work up to this, but we failed this pretty miserably. I never connected with the timing for the decel and was very awkward. Sure the dog turned, but NOT TIGHT and I didn’t know whether I should go ahead and run the new line after the jump or just stop ….

    So I am not quite sure what to do? Back chain or just start all over. I don’t mind.

    I just got the little tripod “UBee Size” imprinted on it. Opened it up excitedly, took out my phone, I stared it, stared at my phone and waited for the ah ha experience. So will settle in with directions and maybe a “help” call to my son in law. So getting a video of our disaster will have to wait a bit.

    So the point is, without your seeing me on video, can you still give me advice?


    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Video the next session, but for this one, forward chain. Do the first turn and reward with food or toy, then do the turn plus the rear cross. see how it goes.

  • says:

    Here’s a go at this using a tunnel before the jump. Rogan and Presto did really well with this! Epic and Fable struggled. I’ll do a session with a jump to jump instead of the tunnel to see how they do.

    Generally speaking, Fable seems to be my widest turning dog right from day one – I suspect that because of her small size (46cm) and the fact that we don’t have many height categories here – she jumps 60cm – that in order for her to clear the jump she has to really ramp over them – she finds it very hard to bend over the bar or put in an extra stride. With this training session there were two or three reps where I really almost got in front of her and she put in an extra stride – I was really happy to see that but don’t think it’s something she’ll be comfortable doing without me forcing her to.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Beautiful work. I have a couple of thoughts.

      Make sure you wear cleats! We’ve done that exact same thing. Sometimes on the simplest of exercises where we thought we could just do a rep or two without bothering. I’ve learned to just put on cleats every time I work my dog. 🙂

      For the most part that looked great.

      I felt like Epic did pretty good! He’s responding to the cue, he can only wrap so tight at that height. I wonder too about giving a little more space between the tunnel and jump to give him the room to adjust his stride.

      Fable was not really responding. She gets angry about the wrap. Lol. Her I think I would work with no motion on your part a little more and see if you can get a better response. Epic may not be adding a stride, but he is preparing to turn. Fable has no intention of turning. 🙂

      You could also do some contrast training with her. She seems like the type that takes everything the same, fast and in extension. Maybe some contrast training will help her see she still gets to do that. Just not every single time.

      • says:

        Thanks! Fable is generally angry about anything that involves slowing down – lol. Thanks for the input on Epic – I rewatched the video and see what you mean.

        And yes I absolutely must stop being lazy about getting into full working gear when working! No wonder my ankle got injured 😉

      • says:

        Reading through the comments and watching the VIP videos is an added layer of learning, no wonder it takes me so much time…just a little OCD 🙂 question on cleats, as I have slipped too. Any particular type you’ve found work well on grass and are comfortable? Thanks!

        • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

          I personally like an indoor soccer cleat. It seems to have the right amount of traction for me (they’re not super large cleats). I’ve also started wearing “trail shoes” and those are working nicely as well.

          • says:

            Thanks! Do you wear cleats/trail shoes for indoor trials too?

          • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

            Yes – I find that it’s a nice all around cleat for grass, turf, and dirt.

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