Exercise 2 – Short Tunnel, Adding a Jump Before – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Exercise 2 – Short Tunnel, Adding a Jump Before

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  • Nicole LeDrew May says:

    Do you use just one cue for the obstacle? Eg “tunnel” means go to tunnel and then your body location/motion to cue the turn/vs straight? Asking because I have a coach who has specific verbals for a tight turn out of the tunnel, I think maybe even for a loose turn another verbal, and one for straight. I find too many verbals can throw me off so I may just stick with the tunnel verbal and the motion/location physical cue.

  • janetandzinnie says:

    Adding the jump. She is gaining understanding of when decel before the tunnel. I notice I am messing up my verbal – it is supposed to be “Chase” for a throw toy, and “Get it” when I drop the toy on her line. Sorry for the glare – I was trying to get it done before sun and heat. https://youtu.be/EuEyX1eWgo4

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