Exercises 6-8 – Advanced Acceleration/Deceleration – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Exercises 6-8 – Advanced Acceleration/Deceleration

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  • Melissa says:

    My dog did really well reading the sharp turn back and the extension. The 90 degree turn he did well on one side and struggled on the other. Is this something more likely related to lack of understanding of the acceleration/decceleration? Or if it is only one side is it more of a stronger side/weaker side and I should just work turns towards that side more?

    For the video I left in all the 90 degree turns to the right since that was where we struggled. We did not do all of those in a row, it was just easier for me to put them together when I was editing the video.


  • tlburrows65@gmail.com says:

    Love the side by side videos. Thank you

  • Elaine Myhowich says:

    Correction to my last comment:
    Do you use any tunnel cues at all?
    If so , when and what?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Our cue for the tunnel is “tunnel” (often repeated, like “tunnel tunnel tunnel”. The deceleration and acceleration components are physical cues with no verbal component so my tunnel cue is the same, but the physical cues as they enter are different.

      You also may have different cues you give as your dog is IN the tunnel. So for a sharp turn, I’m likely calling my dog’s name so he orients to me.

      For a straight exit, I’m going to be giving the obstacle cue when the dog is still in the tunnel AND running hard at that obstacle.

  • Elaine Myhowich says:

    Do you use any treeless verbal cues?

  • Judi says:

    On the second video do you give a verbal cue as the dog goes into the tunnel to turn?

  • loisronis@gmail.com says:

    Very helpful! Thankyou!

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