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5 Minute Front Cross Summary

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  • Sri Kothur (& Abbey) says:

    At times I have seen the inside of the wing, middle of the wing, and outside of the wing used. Which is the way to go?

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Great question! They are all valid but in general, if a dog is likely to bypass a jump (usually beginner dogs) I run for the inside of the wing. With experience dogs you can run for the outside of the wing. With distance-trained dogs, you can even be quite a bit outside the next wing and the dog will still parallel your line and take the jump.

  • Ally Hamilton says:

    Now that I understand the mechanics, I started practicing front crosses. Can you help me identify in these videos what I should be looking (good vs bad) for when I review my practice sessions? When I slow the video, I’ve been looking for the 4 steps, my position on the line, and the timing compared to Kaldi’s take off/landing. Anything else? Many of these felt choppy; should I add another jump before the FX to make it a more natural running motion?


    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:


      I do think that sequence feel more fluid “in the middle”, so you might add another jump or send around a cone, or start with a tunnel.

      This front cross is very fast and extendy (made up that word!) as well. So you have to be fast and take big steps, etc. It may always feel a little choppy. Not every front cross will be like that. Some won’t require as big of steps and those will feel a little less rushed and “hoppy”.

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