Exercises 1-4 – Teaching the Fundamentals – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Exercises 1-4 – Teaching the Fundamentals

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  • janetandzinnie says:

    here is our first attempts at excercises. I was confused when I set up the course – I thought all should be with dog on right, but then the angle felt weird so i did the first with zinnie on left. I hope this still gives good enough info on my position. https://youtu.be/-xcWjF6Gsyc. PS when I tried to view your feedback on my last posting (decel excercise) the video wobbled constantly, i had to download to watch it. This might be just my computer, and it was fine once I downloaded, just wanted you to know.

  • susan.staffeld@gmail.com says:

    So I may end up posting several times in this thread because…wow. This was my second attempt at the first exercise, and it is ROUGH. Definitely nothing pretty to see in this video, but probably at least a little entertaining (although not as bad as last night when half of the attempts were blind crosses, a third I ran into my dog, I almost ran into the wing on two, and fell in a mole pit the very last attempt – not a coincidence that that’s when I gave up).

    I only have two wingless jumps right now and we haven’t worked ANYTHING in a couple weeks because I was traveling then my other dog has been doing her second round of heartworm treatment (and I had two very sick cats). So basically the last two nights were just trying to do anything I could to be productive with what I have on hand before a week of rain in the forecast starting this weekend (jump and wing building time!).

    I did a bunch of reps tonight without my dog from both ends before turning the camera on, which definitely helped. But this made me realize how grateful I am for this course. I’d been doing all three crosses for months in classes without thinking about it… but literally without thinking about it. We were given no instruction on timing, footwork, or position, just to turn towards the dog instead of away. So now it feels like taking soooooo many steps backwards, but I can see the end result is going to look and feel SO much better, it’s just going to be a LONG road to get there!!


    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Good work! Be patient, take your time, and take enough of a leadout so you’re approximately half way through your front cross as the dog is over the bar. Feedback here: https://youtu.be/nqSjQA6Avf8

      • susan.staffeld@gmail.com says:

        Thank you! I am in the middle of building two more jumps and a bunch of wings and have a tunnel on order, so more obstacles will definitely help with providing me more time on the cross, especially given our somewhat limited space. 🙂

        I realized watching it with your feedback and the lines drawn that because my jumps are so close (in this case, to facilitate videoing because it was late and I only had light in that small window of space) that I’m running way more laterally across my dog’s path instead of diagonally from wing-to-wing like the example video, so I think like you mentioned spreading the jumps out more, that will help me be able to move more diagonally instead of kinda rounding the uprights on the first jump and moving laterally to round the second jump, more like a serpentine/figure 8 kind of move.

        As always, thank you for the wonderful feedback. I’m sure you’re all regretting allowing me in to the VIP program…or at least that you don’t have limits on requesting feedback!! 😉

  • joanmskinner@gmail.com says:

    I love that you Do have videos – but wish I would have known they were here instead of trying to do just from the instructions in Lesson 1 of this module. Maybe you could put in a note that the videos and in Lesson 8. Thanks.

  • Barbara Lewis says:

    This video is EXACTLY what I needed. I had decided to go back to “square one” and relearn the front cross. I had to… I was botching it up terribly! This video was so well narrated and choreographed I felt I finally had my second chance. It’s all there and it’s all doable, even by me… aka slow and uncertain….thanks BDA

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Execution is so important and not everyone learns the nitty gritty details that end up making a difference!

  • Bronwyn says:


    Here’s our game attempt at improving my FC footwork, AC/DC and general handling 😉
    This is exercise 1-3. I found Epic was reluctant to put in the extra stride for the wrap, so we did some AC/DC reminders, and then threw in a few jump long versus collection practices (not included)

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