Exercises 1-4 – Teaching the Fundamentals – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Exercises 1-4 – Teaching the Fundamentals

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  • joanmskinner@gmail.com says:

    I love that you Do have videos – but wish I would have known they were here instead of trying to do just from the instructions in Lesson 1 of this module. Maybe you could put in a note that the videos and in Lesson 8. Thanks.

  • Barbara Lewis says:

    This video is EXACTLY what I needed. I had decided to go back to “square one” and relearn the front cross. I had to… I was botching it up terribly! This video was so well narrated and choreographed I felt I finally had my second chance. It’s all there and it’s all doable, even by me… aka slow and uncertain….thanks BDA

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Execution is so important and not everyone learns the nitty gritty details that end up making a difference!

  • Bronwyn says:


    Here’s our game attempt at improving my FC footwork, AC/DC and general handling 😉
    This is exercise 1-3. I found Epic was reluctant to put in the extra stride for the wrap, so we did some AC/DC reminders, and then threw in a few jump long versus collection practices (not included)

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