Introduction – Bad Dog Agility Academy


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  • Barbara Lewis says:

    I used RCs exclusively with my older dog, but I cannot recall any “cognitive” component of just what prompted using those omnipresent RCs other than it felt right at least some of the time, and I felt comfortable doing them. I always was trying desperately to stay close enough to my dog to handle him. Almost all my trialing was in Phoenix over the course of about 18 months, ran my first do he was about 3 (Douglas, USDAA and AKC) and we did pretty well as time went along. I did really well in Gamblers because I could make my own course choices.

    When I returned to Denver and resumed agility I was running my “Intro level” dog Robbie. I worked with Shar Henry, whom I adore. Of course the courses were terribly difficult, but she and Norm taught be a lot……and one day the time arrive that I simply had to do a front cross…….OMG….given a lesson right then and there. It was clear at that time the old reliable RC just didn’t always fit. But still have NOT ever had a lesson on the RC and the intro in your course using the four jumps was a wonderful experience, grounding me with the cognitive piece. Whooopie… love it. Now let’s see if I can use it/do it and integrate it appropriately ! So glad I have my backyard, it’s perfect for this. And my son-in-law arrives home from a trip and has promised to help me with videoing (is that a word?).

    So I’m off to really dig into these RC lessons. IIntro was great… so basic, but for me it’s the cognitive frame work I need.

    Thanks again and again.

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