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Pareto Principle 80/20

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  • Sarah Scott says:

    The 80/20 rule applies everywhere in life!

  • says:

    Later in the course do you detail which basic skills should be prioritized for this 80/20 rule? I’m assuming you have a “core list” we should focus on.

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      For the 80-20 rule, teaching your dog how to do the obstacles and teaching yourself how to do crosses and learning handling theory should be nearly your entire focus. If you have 2 hours a week, spend it all there. Top handlers do all that, but also focus on nutrition, exercise, advanced concepts, etc which is stuff that beginners shouldn’t spend as much time on (assuming their time is limited) because you get more benefit focusing on the core items:
      1. obstacle training (dog should understand what behavior is being rewarded for each obstacles, especially contacts).
      2. handling maneuver execution (especially front, rear, blind crosses).
      3. advanced handling execution. with people who have competitive goals, we also start backside, threadle, If the goal for agility is fun and not competition, these skills can be delayed until the handler and/or dog is more advanced.

      I’ll add that it’s always good to focus on drive and motivation, but that can be built into how you train and reward, and doesn’t necessarily need a separate weekly class, for example.

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