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Make a Suggestion

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  • Chiloe Truex says:

    The “send suggestion” box does not work for me either.. here is what I was putting (simple version as I don’t want to re-type it all LOL)

    my only advice is to WRITE IT DOWN, including WHEN you plan to do it AND the steps of how to fix your problem. there’s studies that’s writing things down help remember better and by writing down the full steps of how to fix whatever training problem you have, you’re more likely to actually do them/fix the problem and remember the steps. putting them into our phone calendar doesn’t help the brain remember as well as pen to paper (just get a cheap wall calendar from dollar general and write training plan on there).

  • Barb VE says:

    I tried/failed to use the “send a suggestion” but this comment will work as well.

    First, loved the course; wonderful reminders of things I have applied professionally but not (always) in dog training.

    Part of time management is spending time on the important things. You covered that a bit but I have an idea that I used a lot in obedience (more finite set of things to train) but that I need to incorporate into my agility.

    Once you are mostly in maintenance mode, that is, the big things are trained and you are fine tuning and maintaining, it is important to touch everything at least sometimes. I put a bunch of maintenance exercises on 3×5 cards and pull one or two out so that I remember to work on everything. This is especially helpful to remove the bias of “what I love to train” versus “what needs to be kept sharp”. Also, there are some things which come up in a sequence and which can be added to the list. By keeping them on cards and only dealing with 1 or 2 at a time, the maintenance doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming.

    So my list includes things like:

    Weave entries (hard side / easy side)
    Weave push exits
    Weave RC
    Weave distance
    Weaves entry at speed
    Tight wraps (left/right)
    Backside (wrap /slice)
    Threadle (front-side / backside)
    Lead out push
    Teeter entrance
    Teeter contact
    Teeter at extreme speed
    Whiskey RC versus mini-reverse V-set
    (and so on…)


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