Challenge #4: Near Equipment with Additional Distractions – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Challenge #4: Near Equipment with Additional Distractions

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  • smcginty says:

    Link to 2nd video (I separated by dog on left and dog on right).

  • jrtfan says:

    Just got my final video in under the deadline, slow upload speed and all! Proud of my Libby- I think her startline stays are some of the best I see at trials in my area. I think all that rally obedience pays off! Excellent set of drills to practice with Desi and Kiefer too- their day is coming!! And I think I correctly checked off all 13 exercises this time!

  • sebravo says:

    I hope you get on time my video of Challenges #4
    It was very fun and opportunity to train Start Line

  • says:

    Hi just wanted to let you know I had trouble getting each exercise to play in order, but they are all there!

  • Michelle says:

    On 4.12 & 4.13 does my dog need to be in front of a piece of equipment? I think I’ve filmed it wrong twice now because I don’t have Jake in front of a jump or anything.

  • Ellen says:

    I ran out of daylight and only got through 4.10 so can I upload another video that has the rest (if I can do them) separately? I will need to try to get the last two parts at class and we don’t have class this week so hopefully I can get to a makeup class early next week to get help.

  • Susan says:

    I did 3 entries, one for each dog. I’m super proud of the (nearly) 6 month old!

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Great job! People who work through these challenges see improvement. That’s why we love holding them and providing that extra structure and motivation!

  • Barb VE says:

    Under the leaderboard, it says: “This leaderboard is generated based on challenge submissions through this site and is updated automatically every minute”. But it doesn’t show the challenge 4 stars that I submitted yesterday. ?

  • Barb VE says:

    I just submitted my video. At the end I included 2 fails — both on arm movement. Interesting that he had no trouble with all the fancy stuff and had to re-do on a rather simple challenge.
    I’m guessing that, at some point, I have accidentally paired my release with an arm movement. Something to keep in mind!

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Exactly. Arm motion is something that probably doesn’t bite you too often. But for other people, they’ve paired the release with looking at the dog, or leading out exactly one jump, or three seconds!

      That’s why part of this start line challenge is to break everyone’s subconscious patterns that you may not be aware of but your dog uses as a cue!

  • Kristen says:

    When is the ending date for submitting these? Thanks!

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