October Leaderboard – Bad Dog Agility Academy

October Leaderboard

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  • Susanne says:

    My video included 4.8, but it doesn’t show on leaderboard.

  • Holly Dodge says:

    I updated my email a few days ago. I do not know if that created a problem, but when I submitted part of Challenge #4 it created a new Holly D. And then today I also changed my profile name. Sorry for messing up my account.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      If it’s working as I designed it to, it’s using your username (which never changes) behind the scenes to gather your entries and then displaying the leaderboard with your most recent display name submission.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      ok – yes – I’m using the email address to gather info rather than the username. The email address is guaranteed to be unique bit IS allowed to be updated, the username can’t be changed. That was a mistake on my part. It’s an easy fix to edit your submissions. Let me know if it looks correct now!

  • jrtfan says:

    I see we can repeat to improve the score but I am not sure why Libby lost all 3 points on having the food rattled behind her…. (3.4) she has always lifted a front foot up when I lead out or circle behind which is why my early criteria was butt must stay in place but she can shift weight in front or actually lift the foot. Her fanny was firmly in place during the bowl of food rattling but she lifted her front feet. Is that why she got 3 off? Thanks

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