Challenge #1: Your Tugging Baseline – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Challenge #1: Your Tugging Baseline

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  • Susanne says:

    Can some of the required behaviours be combined in the same session? Going after a thrown toy/bringing back, tugging/releasing toy? Thansk

  • Cchick says:

    I know my video seems long considering….but I thought there was some interesting video there of some of the issues I experience with Cimer and toys.

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Great job! I reviewed your video. The “retrieve” section in the Tugging course will be great for you. For the leash, you want to create a smaller bite area, maybe about one foot wide? And we will work on the dog’s natural instinct to bite on cue, so you can say “get it!” just once and move around and say it again if they don’t bite the first time, rather than continuously saying “getitgetitgetit”. Verbal plus presentation of the toy will be a reflex for the dog biting, eventually.

  • Susanne says:

    Okay if 1.1 tugging and 1.2 release are the same video?

  • Joyce Jackowski says:

    I initially went out this afternoon after work. The neighbors were out with their dog and it was warm. We were less than successful in tugging. We went out this evening when it was cooler and what a difference. He actually seemed to enjoy tugging which at class or trials, we struggle with doing this. We hope this challenge will help with that.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Great observation. Time of day, heat, other distractions will all have an effect. Start with optimum conditions and then work in more and more distractions.

  • Barb VE says:

    This was fun — and a nice distraction from everything else going on. I must admit that I got carried away. The video could have been much shorter but we were having fun!

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