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Front Paw Target or Paws Up

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  • gayle says:

    Good Morning Coach Leslie!
    This is 5 year old Zivah working on Paws Up.
    Thank you in advance for your feedback.

  • Patty4027 says:

    I’m working on duration with the front paws target.
    I went to a platform that was a bit narrower than my last video and this seems to help with the rear feet tracking forward. I feel like they are both doing pretty good here. Just FYI, Firefly has fur that sticks straight up on her back so it looks like her back is roaching but I don’t think so. Thank you for the follow up!

  • murdochdm says:

    One of my dogs is a 12 week old puppy. Should the target be kept low and when is it alright to move to a higher target with a young puppy?

    • Coach Leslie says:

      Every age dog should start with a low target. Once the form has been perfected and the exercise looks easy, you can move to an unstable and/or higher target. My last puppy was doing front paw target on the mini fitbone at 12 weeks old because he showed he was ready for it. Most importantly stick with lower intensity work for young puppies.

  • Christina And Ripley says:

    Hello Coach Leslie!
    Here’s Miss Ripley doing her Paws Up work. She’s 19 months old but we have been practicing this for about 10 months because I was told it help with rear end awareness and turning for agility. To me she seems pretty aligned in her position. I see around the 1:40 mark her feet get a bit wide, not sure if she was getting tired or just not aware of their position relative to her body. She quickly corrects it after the treat toss so I’m thinking it might have been lack of awareness. I don’t have anything squishy for her to stand on yet so just filmed the hard surface one with a small foot stool.

  • Barb VE says:

    Here is Enzo doing some foot target work. He has done similar work before.

  • says:

    Hi Leslie, the equipment I purchased hasn’t arrived yet so I improvised a bit with a stool and towel today. Here is Rev doing front foot targeting. Sorry for cutting off his head the first part of the video lol. I also kept forgetting to feed him down lower, will try to do better with that going forward. Looking forward to your feedback first, then I will start trying to do this exercise with part of his breakfast and dinner most days.

  • Brianne S says:

    Ok, so curious to get some feedback on the front paw targeting and what I can do differently for Noodles. Is his posture ok? Should I consider the unstable low platform again, or stick with the stable low platform for a while?

    I put Hazel’s in the same clip- would you prefer they be in different videos for the future?

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