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Individual Paw Target

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  • Nicole LeDrew May says:

    Hi Leslie, I had a general question. Which might have been something already stated, and I may have read it somewhere, but now ā€˜I forget lol. I started with my dog the exercises in sequence. Paws up ,rear paws up, side targets. Is it best to learn the exercises in order like this? Thanks šŸ™

    • Coach Leslie says:

      After learning those exercises first Iā€™d say you could jump around from month to month. Almost all exercises come back to the foundations of targets.

  • susan says:

    Near beginning of the pandemic we took Jordan Biggs tricks class on Clean Run, which had a lot of paw targeting. A taught him to limp, which had high front leg paw targets and to “pee” on people”, which had high back leg targets. Should I keep that up OR stick with the lower targets? Thanks

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