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Rear Paw Target or Paws Down

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  • Judy says:

    Here are are rear paw targets:

  • Karen says:

    She clearly doesn’t have the concept yet, but I thought it would be good to share what I have now.

  • VDogs says:

    Soooo far behind!!!! We’ve been on the road for 3 weeks and have done some things but we’re jumping back in!!!

  • cynthia says:

    This is Jubilee (miss waggy tail) and her first paws down exercises & a quick intro to paw lifts/target.

  • Marty R says:

    This is Patrick and Circe – I think I’m holding the snacks too high….
    Patrick (I kept him there too long):

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Hello Leslie, happy weekend! Here is our rear paws up video using several different surfaces……….let us know how Karma and & I did!

  • gayle says:

    Good Morning!
    This is our rear paws up lesson.

  • cynthia says:

    Hi, I think this exercise will be great to strengthen Summer’s shoulder area. She had no trouble with the basic exercise moving up to 3 sets of 30 seconds. Here we are trying to increase the difficulty. Your thoughts?

    • cynthia says:

      and I probably should have just added to her first video, instead of creating a new thread? (sorry)

    • Coach Leslie says:

      Great job!
      I want to make sure to work on head position and spinal alignment before adding the leg lift. You could replace the upper platform with the fitbone and use the disk behind you for the front paws. This will increase difficulty by having both ends on something unstable and get more core engagement.

      • cynthia says:

        Thank you for the suggestions… I was doing paw lifts, because she likes to do them and “being still in the same position” is not something she likes… she’s a busy girl. It also seemed “too easy” and she can do it for a long time. Does this look better?

        • Coach Leslie says:

          Summer is very strong! The set ups are very advanced but she handles them really well. I noted a few minor adjustments.

          • cynthia says:

            Such great feedback: thank you! I was curious to check out the “lifting left hind when lifting right front paw” so I put yoga mat on the table and videoed. At first there was some hind lifting and then it ‘went away.’ I think she was being “creative”??

            I made some changes for the paws down exercises: I used a treat container to keep her focus down and used reset cookie to get better positions. I filled the fitbone with air, but I might have over done it 🙂 . I also tried a few different pieces of equipment and tried to make them less different in height.

          • Coach Leslie says:

            I love the changes. I want to change a few things on the individual paw target.
            I think the disc and fitbone are my favorite for rear paw target with a little more air in both.

  • Denielle S says:

    Proof’s Paws Down. We are not as familiar with this exercise. I started her on the same step stool but it felt too high. I’m not sure. But we did it again using the wedge block. I was feeding her too high quite often. When I feed her so her head is down, she bends her elbows a lot. I’m not sure if that’s appropriate for the exercise.

    Righteous’s Paws Down. He’s hilarious trying to get his back feet on the step. I think the height was ok for him. His back feet are below his elbows. Probably a bigger surface at first until he gets the idea and more coordination would help.

  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    Here is video from our reps today, Claire is convinced she is supposed to bow so I tried to reward when she kept her forelimbs still and upright. Any tips to help with this?

  • Sue says:

    Hi Leslie. A snapshot of our rear paws up.

  • JClemons says:

    Here are my rear targets. Chapter leans forward a lot on this so I wasn’t sure if I need him to shift his weight back more on his rear legs or if this is fine. He does this same lean when he tries to get his toys from the pool (he hates swimming). Thanks!

  • cynthia says:

    Here is Summer doing rear feet up target. I’m not sure about the height of the target…did I get it correct on the higher one? Also I noticed her right front foot tends to be a bit back. This is is her injured side. I tried to lure it more in line, but might need to use some target for her front feet as well?

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