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Rear Paw Target or Paws Down

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  • Ally Hamilton says:

    Here is a compilation of Front & Rear paw targets. We are going back to basics for a bit to strengthen our foundations.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      This is a great start! I want you to slowly stretch her forward one inch at a time. Keep her head low. Keep reinforcing from your hand. No change in height of the rear paw target.

  • Miriam Rose says:

    We’ve done paws up so expanding to paws down. Positioning of targets worked great. He was orienting to the treats more than me so eventually put them between my knees which worked better. So many details to the context!

  • Miriam Rose says:

    do you add a cue once the dog has good position and understanding?

    • Coach Leslie says:

      You can. I always use the set up to cue the dog because I talk so much my dogs just hear: blah, blah, blah. My cue is how far I stand away from the equipment. Once the dog is consistently offering the correct behavior and form you could add a verbal cue.

  • Nicole LeDrew May says:

    Hi, I did this today with my dog for the first time (he knows 2 on 2 off quite well so we had a head start on the behaviour). I’m just looking for any feedback. My platform was a plastic tub of some sort, I am hoping to glue some sort of rubber mat cut to fit to the top. I also added in a short snippet of him doing front paws up (yesterday we did this for the first time and I added the video under the front paws module). I tried keeping his head more in line with his spine this time. I kept the video short and didn’t show everything. He was able to do 3 of each for 30 seconds. I don’t have much instability equipment except for an inflatable disc. I don’t know if that’s too wobbly. I could try supporting it from underneath or use a couch cushion or something like that? Thank you!

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