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Landing Hops

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  • Hege says:

    Hi! Why do you need a platform for the hind legs? Is it to strengthen the front legs more? I am also wondering about the space between the two front leg discs. How far apart is optimal? I have a standard poodle.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      I use a platform to help the dog understand the rear legs don’t move. They learn this during the foundation Paws Down exercise. Also as the rear legs are elevated with higher equipment it will load the front legs more working them harder. The space of the front paw targets should be a distance close to what the dog does in the weave poles. My dogs I would estimate are about a foot apart measured from the furthest point the front legs hit side to side. I would guess with a smaller dog it might be as little as 6 inches.

  • Michelle says:

    Hi Leslie, we’ve been slacking. What would be two good things to use in front? I only have 1 of the pink paw discs. Maybe the blue pads that we have with a higher plank board for the rear paws?

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    So we are trying to simulate her weave style of “hopping” back and forth with both paws together……but trying to get that on the pawdiscs is very different and she is just “quickly stepping” from side to side (one paw following the other and so on)………..the weave style she of course created on her own as the most efficient way to move forward, but doing the exercise on the pawdiscs I am thinking she sees no need to hop back and forth with paws together……………so how do I get from stepping to hopping????

    I tried to introduce some excitement in the move with a tug toy, but that just makes her foot placement sloppy and eractic because all she can concentrate on is the toy and she she is stepping on the edge of the discs, off the discs, you get the picture…!

    • Coach Leslie says:

      Best thing to do is post video of what you’ve got now. It does take time for them to get comfortable doing the exercise. Usually getting the correct movement is a combination of confidence, speed, and luring movement.

      • Sandy & Karma says:

        OK I will capture what she is doing and show you for feedback. I don’t think that stepping 1 paw at a time is necessarily a bad thing to do but it certainly is not building up strength for specifically pushing off side to side with 2′ together! Stay tuned.

  • says:

    Great exercise, what are those pick pads that you are using?

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