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Fold Back Down To Stand

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  • cynthia says:

    Wow, who would have thought this would be so tricky? She has probably never been asked to do it 🙂 So going from the down to the stand was definitely easier. She thinks I want a bend, so it will probably take a few sessions to get the understanding.

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Hi Leslie – here is our first video attempt at the fold back down to stand. I think Karma starts out with her back more perpendicular, and not sure if she is quickly fatiguing causing her butt to be higher than her head OR if she thinks I am cueing a “play bow” which is a behavior we practice and reward often! Let me know what you think and what we can do to improve!

  • Michelle says:

    Here’s Jake’s attempt and I’ll leave that right there. 😂😂😂😳

  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    Here is video of my girls working through these exercises, we’re way behind having just gotten to these now…life gets in the way sometimes. Going to try to make fitness a priority at this point.

    When we were doing these I realized how out of shape they are in regards to doing these exercises. When they started to lose their form we moved on to the next exercise.

    In reviewing the video I saw that I was crowding Claire which I think caused or at least contributed to her improper positioning.

    Looking forward to your feedback, thanks!

      • Kayla Swanberg says:

        Thank you! These videos are so helpful! I’ll keep playing with Claire on posture and try working the positions then posture to see if that helps.

        Claire has always preferred the rock back sit to the tuck sit where as Carat will choose to do a tuck sit over a rock back sit. I have worked with them before on taking an extra step back in the stand so we can definitely add that to each rep of the kick back stand.

        How picky should I be on foot movement during positions at this point? They both move their feet slightly during some of the sits and most of the down reps right now…is this something I should ignore for now and help them gain strength?

        Also with Carat should I be trying to correct her hindlimb placement when she tips her toes out? This occurs mainly during sits and in looking at photos of her siblings they also sit the same way so I’m thinking it’s more of a conformation issue but I’m not sure if I should be doing more to fix it or if just using the plank is enough?
        Looking forward to your thoughts, thanks!!

        • Coach Leslie says:

          I focus on big picture movement first, then fine tune. I think for sits I’m more strict on limiting paw movement during the big movement but then will ask for paw movement to get the end position good form. For example on a rock back sit, I want those rear paws totally still as the dog goes into the sit, but for the push forward stand I might get some little movement in order to get the good posture stand. Down to stand I might focus on the back first, but if there are big paw movements happening, then I would focus on that.
          Rotation of the rear legs can be totally normal. So if it is her natural stance then I wouldn’t try to correct it. I don’t think I saw any excessive toes out or I would have commented on it.

  • Carol R says:

    Coach Leslie,
    Here are Strut and Bounce’s attempts. It wasn’t until I reviewed the video that I caught Strut’s rear foot slipping on the mat. It was very subtle and not seen from where I was. So I would add a yoga mat or targets under his rear feet next time. Bounce goes at all of these exercises with gusto even being able to hear his feet as they slap the ground. I knew he was going to need more structure, thus the plank.
    Question for Bounce. At age 10 my goal for him is to simply be active and enjoy retirement. Do you see any downside in not striving for the “ perfect “ form with him as long as it isn’t so poor that he could be injured? Thanks

  • Cindy and Force says:

    Here’s our video on this. He tends to move his feet a lot so I’m attempting to slow him down a little.

  • Joni & Eevee says:

    There may be a good rep in there! Something to keep working on!

  • Carol R says:

    Coach Leslie,
    Thanks for showing the “ not perfect “ performances and giving the suggestions on how to address those. I find that is very often more helpful than just seeing the perfect, finished performance.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      Thank you!
      Definitely it’s not my goal to make everyone think I’m perfect. Because I’m definitely not, 😂 All my dogs (8) have varied abilities and I’d love to organize myself to be able to show all 8, maybe some day…

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