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Introduction to Basic Strength

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  • KimG says:

    I noticed when trying to do the fold back down to stand, my dog almost always takes a small step forward with her front as she drops and backwards with at least one foot when she stood. I looked closely at her down posture, and she tends to extend her shoulders like the Dobe above. When she stands from that extension, she straightens up with the small step back. Is this a problem?

    • Coach Leslie says:

      Yes. We want to get rid of any leg movement to make sure the core is the focus of the exercise. I would evaluate your dog’s starting posture to make sure it’s appropriate. If you are doing this exercise on a platform, it may be the call of the edge. Dogs often feel a call to place their paws over the edge for some reason. If this is the case I would use some kind of barrier at the edge of the platform to prevent the step forward.

  • Karen Buck says:

    One of my dogs when walking one of her back legs seems to kick out at the knee then her foot turns in, it’s hard to notice your dogs body position when you are working alone with them.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      Do you mean this happens while she is walking or when her back legs are moving to get into a specific position?
      It is hard to notice. I mostly work alone with my dogs and I don’t have mirrors to be able to see from all the different angles. Recording from the orthogonal view from where you are standing can help you better evaluate form.
      I often will hold a cookie in front of my dog’s nose so I can walk to the side if I’m not sure about the form. You can also use this method to move your head around to peak at the sides or different body parts.
      Props really come in handy to keep form proper even if you can’t see exactly what’s going on.
      If you need help figuring out how to get better form, the best thing to do is film the exercise and post it for me to review.

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