Posture – Bad Dog Agility Academy


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  • Ally Hamilton says:

    Kaldi posture (sorry about the cat)

  • says:

    This is Seven. She is 5.5 years.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      This looks so good! She’s slightly spread out. I think you can bring her paws slightly closer together. Just by an inch. In the video you are doing more of a plank position, which I also like for core work.

  • says:

    This is PJ. This video includes paws up, paws down, and posture. He is a little over a year old.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      Awesome job! He’s ready for more height on the Paws Up and Paws Down. He is a little wide in the rear sometimes. I mostly saw it on posture. Turn the Cato board 90degrees to help.

  • says:

    Robin. she is 13.5 years old. She has in amazing shape for her age and breed, but just recently started to look more her age. I am hoping to do canine fitness to try to keep her muscle mass from deteriorating so quickly.

  • Natasha says:

    So, after watching these after I took them, I think I should’ve had the 2 platforms farther apart, especially for the big dogs. I also need to try this in a bigger space so the reset cookies could be used more effectively. I also think I need to watch my reward placement. I think I rewarded a few of them with their heads too high.
    Videoed in order of Jazz, Denver, Spice, & Suzie-Q

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