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Rock Back Sit to Push Forward Stand

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  • Christina And Ripley says:

    Here’s Ripley’s rock back sit to stand.

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Hi Leslie – here is our work on the Rock Back Sit To Push Forward Stand. She does alot of lifting of her left front paw, not sure what is causing her to do that???? Let me know what you think and what we can do to improve!

  • Michelle says:

    Here’s Jake’s attempt.

  • says:

    Here’s Journey’s Rock back sit to Push forward stand. Things I don’t like and need to focus on. He starts to move his back paws and I think I have him scrunched up too much on his stand. Curious what you see!

  • Joni & Eevee says:

    Here is our work on posture and rock back sits (although like most, we have a series of tuck sits thrown in for good measure). It seems during these sessions I tend to reward everything, so I do think I need to be more selective going forward about what I reward. At any rate, looking back at the video it seems on the flat with the blue yoga mat toward the end, her sit is not as tight and seems to be a bit splayed. Wondering if that is a function of the rock back sit or something else that I should be mindful of? Thanks so much!

  • says:

    Hi Leslie, I am wondering if the front paws are supposed to stay off the platform or are they to rock back with the dog in a sit position and be on the platform? I am using an aerobic stepper and my dog wants to keep his front paws off of the platform.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      For the Rock Back Sit, the rear paws should be targeted to the platform while the front move forwards and backwards. Whether or not they get on the platform depends on the size of the platform and the size of your dog. There has to be enough room on the platform to get the front paws on and not smoosh the body or have the butt falling off the edge. If that is the case, you could turn the stepper 90º and make sure the rear paws are targeted at least a foot away from the edge. That should provide enough room to get the front paws on. If your dog still struggles with that, it could indicate a core weakness that we need to work on.

  • kcferg says:

    Hi, Leslie. Here is where we are with posture and rock back sit to stand.

  • Dawn Warnock says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Rio has done a lot more tuck sit/kick back so he struggled a little with this. I decided not to lure as he lifted off the ground, so went with a little pressure to try and guide him gently which worked quite well. I can see at the start I perhaps didn’t allow a proper stand before asking him to sit again. What do you think? When he stretched out more in the stand it was more difficult for him to sit without slightly moving the hind legs. How many quality reps should we be aiming for? Look forward to hearing your comments. 😊

  • Patty4027 says:

    We seem to be doing better with a Rick back if I use the platform. On the flat they keep wanting to do a tuck sit.

  • Barb VE says:

    Here is our first strength workout. I was traveling so this combines the stand, the rock back sit and the sit. As we discovered, Enzo didn’t understand rock-back sit. I found a small box to use as a prop and that seemed to work well.
    I also included a bit of sitting: in common with many dogs he tends to let his rear feet be a bit easty-westy.

  • Patty4027 says:

    I think we didn’t do too well on getting the actual rock back sit on the platform (my dogs want to do the tuck sit) so I tried rear feet on and front feet off and I think we did a little better. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks

  • Carol R says:

    Our combined homework for Postural stands and rock back sits. Question, should I expect ( or allow for ) some differences between Strut’s and Bounce’s performances given the age difference? Strut is 3 Bounce is 10.
    Also, I noticed on Strut’s stands it appears his right rear is toeing out. He has a colorization on that outside toe which I think is affecting it.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      Great job with both dogs!

      • Carol R says:

        Thanks for the detailed feedback. Very helpful.

        • Coach Leslie says:

          You’re welcome!

          • Carol R says:

            Coach Leslie, you asked for a short video of Strut from the rear to look at whether or not he is toeing out with the right foot. Here it is at 18 sec.


          • Coach Leslie says:

            I’m not really seeing toeing out on the right rear. It does look like he is subtly off weight the left rear. I don’t remember if he had issues with individual paw target. But if he doesn’t want to fully weight the left rear, it may be more difficult for him to do individual right rear paw targets.

          • Carol R says:

            Interesting because he was off loading, just slightly, on his right rear for awhile. Very, very subtle. Took him in to the Vet and he had a nail bed infection on one right rear toe which has been cleared up. Have not noticed anything since.

          • Coach Leslie says:

            I can’t say I’ve seen it in any of your other videos, but it is something to keep an eye. Sometimes you get something ‘weird’ during one session and it never happens again. But if you start to see it in multiple sessions, I would get it checked out.

  • Cindy and Force says:

    Here’s our first attempt at this!

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