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Back Bends

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  • JulietW says:

    Here is Yowza and Matrix doing back bends. Yowza had the most difficulty with this, and I found it helped if I held her chest when she was bending her head downwards. Matrix found this easier, as he has done similar exercises before.

  • Judy says:

    I tried the separate rear paw and front paw targets then went to individual targets to see if that worked better. Here’s our attempts. I am doing too many reps because I was trying to get a couple of good ones and I tend to keep trying too long! I should set a time limit on these.

  • Judy says:

    Jamie back and neck bends
    My plan is to work on these first three modules for a while until his right leg is fully recovered and he has built up his strength and flexibility, before moving on to the jumping strength and unstable equipment exercises

  • Michelle says:

    Here’s Jake’s back bends.

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    So here Leslie is our first attempt at the Back Bends exercise. First link is with the head centered, up and down movement.

    Then we worked on bending to each side, here is that link. Looking at both videos, I THINK my inept luring probably caused too much body movement, let’s see what you think.

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