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Down to Play Bow

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  • janetandzinnie says:

    here is the play bow she learned as a trick – is the form ok?

  • Christina And Ripley says:

    I’m way behind in some of the exercises but finding time this weekend! This one went reasonably well. She seemed to catch on pretty fast. How often should we be doing this? Many thanks!

  • Michelle says:

    Here’s Jake’s attempt. I taught a bow from a stand so our attempts aren’t great from the down.

  • kcferg says:

    Hi Leslie, we are catching up on posting video. Here is our work on back bends and down to bow.

  • Cindy and Force says:

    Bows. Not sure if he’s shouting move his back feet forward? I’ve trained a bow from a stand but not from a down.

  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    Excited to try this with my girls as we’ve not seen this one before 🙂

    I’m playing catch up with fitness after a busy August and trying to get back into a fitness routine…how often would you work these type of exercises vs the basic exercises and their progressions (ie sit-stands) each week? What are your thoughts on a rest day where they don’t train?

    My GSPs get to run in the pasture 5-6 days per week at their pace for 20-30 minutes and we work do 3-4 agility sessions per week as well as ~1 competition weekend per month.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, I’m a training junkie and my girls like to work but I don’t want to over do it either! Thanks!

    • Coach Leslie says:

      When training new fitness exercises, I work on them 3-5 days a week usually. When the exercise is trained and part of a workout I may do it 3-5 days a week or as little as once a month. It really depends on the exercise. There are a lot that I tend to do routinely – posture bridge, good mornings, etc. There are a lot that are regularly in my warm ups: any of the exercises on the flat. And there are a lot that become pieces of other exercises: all the targeting. I like to do workouts and I don’t like to repeat a workout too often. So, while exercises may repeat, workouts may repeat monthly or if I didn’t like the workout, never. In the mix of competition season, my dogs get a workout usually 1-3 times a week. Early competition or late off season, if might be up to 5 days a week they get a workout. I do a lot of cardio (walks, hikes, sprints) that I don’t really include in those workout sessions.

      • Kayla Swanberg says:

        That makes sense, thank you! I struggle to keep doing workouts with my girls as they’re pretty activity on a day to day basis and during our competition season I’m never sure how much (or how little) to do. I’ll keep working on the new exercises to become proficient and try to do a few workouts per week as our schedules allow.

  • Pam says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Ashe does a down to play bow on the floor already, but do you actually want to do it with the head lowered below the platform, or is that just being to help the dog get their rear up?

  • Joni & Eevee says:

    2nd day learning something new!

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