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Sit Bends

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  • janetandzinnie says:

    checking to see if form is ok

  • JulietW says:

    Tackling the flexibility exercises now. Started with the sit-bends. Not sure if I had the head position right. I did these with Yowza and Matrix, who you have met before, and with Lulu, who is my senior dog (13 years), as I’d like your advice on which exercises to do with an older dog.

  • Judy says:

    Sit bends again. I think he is improving.

  • Judy says:

    We started the flexibility module this week. Here’s our first attempts at the Sit’bends.

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Great, glad to hear we are on the right track. We are working on the play bow from down and the back bends too………not sure if we will get a chance to video this week as we have a trial coming up and a short week. Good though to work on flexibility I think during a pre-trial week and not so much on the strength to not wear the muscles out! Thanks for the feedback, you’re awesome!!!

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Good morning Leslie, here is our first video attempt at Sit Bends, not a bad first start……lmk what you think!

  • Carol R says:

    Homework from Bounce and Strut. I am a bit confused on just how far to try and get the neck stretch. Should the nose be parallel to the floor or aiming down and to the shoulder? Thanks

  • Michelle says:

    Here’s Jake flexibility video.

  • Dawn Warnock says:

    Here’s Rio’s sit bends…sorry the camera not quite set up straight but I did ensure he was sitting nice and straight.

  • Cindy and Force says:

    Our attempts at sit bends.

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Is it NOT ok to do these neck stretches while standing (I call them “cookie” stretches)…..OR is that a different exercise all together???

    • Coach Leslie says:

      That is a different exercise all together. This focuses on balancing and engaging the core in a sit while still getting lateral spinal flexibility.

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