Burpees – Bad Dog Agility Academy


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  • Patty4027 says:

    Firefly had a tough time with this one. She did very well the first time and then her 2nd session was so bad I just quit and tried again later. I did t try for as much height as Jazzie did because we were finally getting it.

    Jazzie really did well! I’m beyond happy with how strong she is! She has been on Myos for awhile now and I can see a huge improvement in her strength.

  • Cindy and Force says:

    Hi Leslie. We are having some trouble with these. He doesn’t seem to get the idea of jumping sideways. I tried putting a barrier on the sides and he just kept offering behaviors on the barriers.


  • Patty4027 says:

    Here’s our burpees. I worked with Firefly first and I tried that same setup with Jazzie and we had lots of problems. Ended up working a jump wing in there to manipulate her to jump and land correctly.
    Thank you Leslie!

  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    Here is our first session with this…for Carat I focused on just the side jump as she worries when she’s not sure what to do, next session will incorporate the down. For Claire I started with just the side jump and was able to progress to adding the down at the end. For both of them next time I will add a cavaletti on each side to help keep them close to the bar we’re working on as well. Looking forward to your feedback to keep fine tuning this maneuver. Thanks!


  • Christina And Ripley says:

    Ripley always wants to take a bow versus a full down. We are working on it! I’m really pleased with how she did; this is the first time she has ever done this exercise!


  • Joni & Eevee says:

    We have kind-of done exercise before, but without the down.


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