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  • Ally Hamilton says:

    I’m not getting much of a hop here and mostly a step. I’ll try to get a better video that includes my posture/positioning during our next strength session but in the meantime, what are your thoughts? What should I focus on to try to get to the hop?

    • Coach Leslie says:

      Try to get a weight shift backwards ( to the rear legs) first, then cue the Hop. Think the Paws Up exercise that focuses on the weight shift. Don’t hold the weight shift for long. As soon as you get it, give the cue and take a big step backwards to release the pressure.

  • ashleysdogsports@gmail.com says:


    Looking forward to your feedback. What is the maximum height we want the platform to be? We’re struggling with knocking bars at 20″ and sometimes 16″ too so I’m hoping this will help.


  • KimG says:

    Here are Onni’s hops to stable platform. Hope to progress to unstable when the paw pad comes in! Are we ready?


  • Jenn says:

    Worked on Hops. For now, I elected to not have him “hop” back from the sit, because we spend to much time working on that portion, so I circled him back into position. I used a rear foot target to help with with proper posture before the hop, but I realized that the target probably needed to be a little closer as he was posted in the thoracic limbs quite a bit.


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