Introduction to Jumping Strength – Bad Dog Agility Academy

Introduction to Jumping Strength

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  • KimG says:

    Here is Onni for the jump analysis.

  • Brianne S says:

    Noodles’ jump is first, then hazel’s. So, not shocking, but clearly hazel (who has really only done some jumping in the backyard, and not much), has a much more irregular jump pattern. She is really just starting with anything.

  • Patty4027 says:

    I wasn’t sure where to post the analysis.
    We know Jazzie has muscle loss because of the autoimmune and Prednisone. I can see she seems to land shorter than she takes off from the jump.

  • 2agilityacres says: 8tried posting before trying again. Reggie 20 inch AKC jump looks like he is either leaving too early or the super man jump as you described

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