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Fitness Test Recheck

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  • JulietW says:

    Hi Leslie – I’m posting our first fitness tests here also, as I missed this by skimming over the introduction. But we’re still just getting started with learning the exercises – so we should be alright. So here are videos of Matrix (6 yrs), Yowza (2 yrs) and Lulu (13 yrs) doing the first four fitness test exercises. We couldn’t do the sprint, as we don’t have enough space to do that now – unless we race over snow and ice šŸ™

    Stand for 30s
    Stand-sit – Matrix 10, Yowza 8, Lulu 4
    Stand-down – Matrix 11, Yowza 8, Lulu 5
    Sit-down – Matrix 8, Yowza 10, Lulu 8

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Hi Leslie – Sandy & Karma here with our fitness recheck #1 and I am pleased to say we have improved in all categories since July:

    1 – Posture – this was actually quite good before and easily maintained for 30 seconds, so maybe I should have done it on unstable equipment this time…..although I was thinking for direct comparison the conditions should remain the same????

    2 – Sit To Stand – 11 before, 12 this time

    3 – Down To Stand – 6 before, 8 this time

    4 – Sit To Down – 7 before, 10 this time

    5 – 100 ft dash – 3.73 before, 3.52 this time

    So let us know your thoughts:

    • Coach Leslie says:

      Woot! Woot! This is awesome! Iā€™m so proud of you and Karma!

      • Sandy & Karma says:

        Thanks so much for your review and encouraging words, we too are pleased!!!!

        I have 2 questions for you:

        1 – do you feel that the 4 exercises (posture, S to S, D to S, S to D) with our current progression can be used in a workout routine????

        If not, what improvements would we currently need in order to put any of them into a routine?

        2 – your reply links thus far have been a youtube link and I would save them to my appropriate playlist so that I could go back for easy comparison at a later date? Now that things are in the getonform platform, I guess there is not a way to save the link to youtube… this a question for Sarah?????

        THANKS AGAIN!!!!
        S & K

        • Coach Leslie says:

          Yes, I think they can all be used in a workout. I think you can download the review video and upload to your YouTube but Sarah would be best for guidance of how to do that.

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