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Play Bow Push Ups

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    • Coach Leslie says:

      This is looking really good. I want you to try pushing into his head when he’s in the play bow position. Then I want you to try getting rid of the front Cato. Whichever gives you more symmetrical of a bow we will stick with.

  • says:

    Seven. 5.5 years. She strongly resists this movement. She has always resisted doing a down as well, in case that is related!! I thought she was maybe doing some of the movement toward the end.

    • Coach Leslie says:

      It does get closer and closer. I’m curious to see her downs. My instinct says to push into her body more. Watch how you’re luring her. You are doing more of a straight down lure. Think about drawing a line from her nose to her sternum.

  • says:

    PJ – a little over a year. This was our second attempt. The first was a failure. He actually did the movement this time, though toward the end he starts resisting again. Not sure why I was using a down cue!!

  • JulietW says:

    Hi Leslie – here are Matrix and Yowza attempting the Play Bow Push-ups. Matrix knows “bow” on cue, but has not done it back to the stand before. Yowza does not know the bow on cue yet.

  • Judy says:

    Here’s our playbow with RF on the fitbone. I do have a full sized fitbone but I think the small one is probably better for Jamie at the moment. This is the first time we’ve tried it in this set up. We have only done it on a platform or the floor in the past.

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Hi Leslie – here is our first attempt at the Play Bow Pushups. We are trying our new paw discs and hope we got the right amount of air! (I warmed her up and got her used to the new equipment with doing Bridge work, which you will see in another video).

    Let us know what you think……..looks like lots of tricep and core work going on in addition to the hamstrings!

  • Cindy and Force says:

    Hi Leslie. Our attempt at play bow push ups with bone.

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