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  • Kayla Swanberg says:

    Working on getting back to our conditioning routines and brushing up on some foundations before ramping up the workouts to get ready for Cynosport starting in Sept.

    We’ve not done the hiccup before so started low with just the klimb top…as expected the GSPs had better form than Pandora who’s not had as much conditioning work…would love any tips to help get them more proficient with it! Thank you!


  • Michelle says:

    Here’s Jakes attempt. He wasn’t sitting very good so I put the fleximat on the step to help him sit correctly. https://youtu.be/yd3e5QZ0JFU

  • kcferg says:

    Hi Leslie, Happy New Year!! We got caught up on videoing all the core strength exercises over the break. Please let me know of any adjustments to be made. Thanks! https://youtu.be/anL-HY-Os6s

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Here is our 1st attempt at Hiccup…………it was an ok start but I am hoping that after Karma’s surgery (and recovery) that we can focus more on core strength as she seems to be lacking the ability to pull up both paws together……..perhaps it’s just the initial mechanics/luring that needs tweaking. Let us know your thoughts!


    • Coach Leslie says:

      I think this set up is just a bit too difficult for her.
      KarmaHiccups1222: https://link.getonform.com/view?id=M4u1tj8e1allbRdqR4C6

      • Sandy & Karma says:

        Well geez, it I had used the “tool” of watching my own video at slow speed, I would have easily seen exactly what you are seeing, that the set up is too high! I always watch my agility videos at slow speed but for some reason cannot seem to incorporate that practice for fitness, duh!

        Thanks for pointing out our need to adjust the set up and also guidance for post spay (3 days out) that we will need to start with just a single platform to build the core back up after the surgery!

        Thanks so much, we appreciate the feedback!

        • Coach Leslie says:

          That’s why you’ve got me to help you out! 😉

          • Sandy & Karma says:

            So here is Karma, 4 weeks post spay and working on the hiccup again, taking your suggestions from the first time that our set up was too high/too difficult for her.

            So this set up is lower, still maybe a tad high, she has a few really “clean” sits where she lifts with both paws simultaneously off the floor, but then there are a few times where she looks like she is touching the step for “assistance” or “balance”….not sure, lmk your thoughts.


          • Sandy & Karma says:

            Soooooo, let’s see, the 1st time we tried the hiccup (right before spay) our “stacked” set up was 11″ and yes, way too hard!

            Then at your suggestion, I found another spot in the house and we used a natural step in my family room which measures 8″.

            Watching it again, I DO think she struggles just a bit and since I am working on rebuilding her strength, I think I will go back to the original “stacked” set up and remove one of the platforms which measures total of 7″.

            I am going to try that when working on the 3 sets of 4 that you suggested and see how she does!

          • Coach Leslie says:

            Great idea!

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