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Nested Challenge Sequence

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  • Sandy says:

    DeeDee’s nested challenge sequence. Thanks for suggestions!

  • Sharon says:

    These are two of our attempts at the nested Challenge. I tried many times to get a front cross in between #2 and #3 but could not get far enough ahead of the dog, so I tried a threadle to get the backside of #3. It was much more successful and it changed my handling through the tunnel and #5. His turn from #7 to #8 would have been better on that first try if I had remembered to do a Front cross there. (I think I could have done that if I had remembered.) – Wrapped the inside wing of 8, but a wide turn first. – Wrapped the far wing of #8, much better turn.

    Sorry I couldn’t get the Front Cross to #3. Still, I would like feed back on what I was able to do. Thank you

  • Amanda says:

    Jive (competing at NAC 12p):

    Hype (baby dog):

  • Diane Wood says:

    We tried this with the front cross, and it was too rushed. Wrap was better. Not happy with any of our final turns to the last jump, but we didn’t actually get an off course tunnel.

  • Barb VE says:

    I tried this a few ways, since I wasn’t totally happy with how we did the first way.

  • says:

    I worked on getting to the front crosses in the challenge. Don’t know if the Jaakko turn foot work is correct. 2nd try was even wider.

  • Kim Plath says:

    Whoa….that first front cross was tough!!
    Here are Tribute’s attempts

    The Rooster

  • Melody says:

    Melody and Tucker

    The front cross between 7 and 8 felt very awkward. I added another option which might work for us.

    Jaakko is still very new and I need to continue to work on timing. Tucker is pretty tight without it.

  • Nancy Schanda says:

    Kimber – Unit 7 Exercise 2 with an added option –
    Flash – Unit 7 Exercise 2 with an added option

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