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Fitness Test

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  • Melissa says:

    Just joining fitness this year and immediately realizing we need to go back and re-teach stand. I just don’t use it much and my dog has clearly completely forgot the cue!

    • Coach Leslie says:

      This is so common! There is a lesson on standing or as I like to call it – good Posture. For the Fitness Test you can lure into the stand especially since we aren’t being sticklers about form in the test.

  • Miriam Rose says:

    We did a fitness test for Rory last week but just figuring out the videotaping and somehow everything got recorded in sliming so didn’t upload.
    His numbers were #2) 6 #3) 5 #4) 6 #5) 5.8sec
    Weight 34.2#
    Behind front legs 24”
    In front of back legs 22.5”
    This is his stand done today but need to train duration. He automatically sits.

  • says:

    I did not video everything. Nimbus doesn’t like a lot of reps of anything. He loves agility, but I can’t do many reps of the same exercise, not that he can’t, I believe it’s just him. He usually catches on to something fast. I only did 100ft (3 secs) not 100 yards. I am not sure if I am setting him up correctly for his stand, his top line looks funny. I would like a tiny bit more weight on him, he is a picky eater. (His left radius was fractured Christmas Day, but xrays look good and you can’t see it on them). Sit to Stand – 10, Down to Stand 6, Sit to Down 10.

  • says:

    I did not video the fitness test but my almost 3 year old was able to do 8 of exercises #2 and #3 and 7 of exercise #3. Could you evaluate his standing posture. His rear hocks seem very angled, so when I put him in position with straight hocks he looks like he has an awful sway back which isn’t what he looks like in normal movement.

  • Sandy & Karma says:

    Good afternoon Leslie, I realized that we never submitted our Fitness Assessment, so thought we’d better get to it since we are supposed to be building on our current status! You will notice a few “moves” are a bit punky but honestly I think my luring/body movement has something to do with Karma not quite sure what I am asking for (even though we have worked on this individually as practice). No worries, we now have a baseline to improve upon!

    I count:

    Sit To Stand – 11
    Down To Stand – 7
    Sit To Down – 9
    100 Foot Dash – 3.73

      • Sandy & Karma says:

        Thanks as always for your helpful comments and yes, the down to stand looked painfully slow! I’m not convinced that physically she is having difficulty, I think just working on more accurate cueing of the behavior on my part is needed………we haven’t worked on what we used to call timed “push ups” since our obedience classes!

        • Coach Leslie says:

          I do prefer slow to fast when doing them to build strength. Slow means you get the core engaged more. It will get better as she gets stronger!

          • Sandy & Karma says:

            I do have one additional thought now that we have several different exercises that have been introduced………..I struggle with how to work on all of the “stuff” we have been learning……I feel like my practice sessions are becoming haphazard and I am sure that’s no way to gradually build the behaviors. Any chance you could provide a “sample” plan on how/when (ideally) to work on all that we now have to practice???? I find that some days end up not doing anything because I am not sure what I should be doing????? Help!

          • Coach Leslie says:

            I would work on the targeting first, especially front paw target and rear paw target as those will help you with July’s exercises.
            If your dog has no experience with the exercise, then set it up as a training session – 5 minutes maybe 1-3 times a day. I wouldn’t do opposite behaviors on the same day. Front paw target and rear paw target are opposite behaviors and may confuse the dog if you work on them on the same day or in the same session.
            Once the dog understands the behavior, then you can turn it into an exercise. Some of the members have gotten this far and I give them instruction on how many sets, reps, and duration for each exercise and how to progress it. For duration behaviors like targets, I start with 3 sets of 5 seconds and build by 5 seconds until I get to 30 seconds. Then I change equipment.
            For movement behaviors, I might start with 2 sets of 5 reps, then 3 sets of 5 reps, then 2 sets of 10 reps, etc. It is very dog dependent and that is where this program is such a great deal, because I can see what you are doing and tell you exactly what I think your dog should be doing.

          • Sandy & Karma says:

            Thank you Leslie for your input. So I guess we should just work on a plan that includes some of the behaviors one day, and then some on other days? I recall “somewhere” you talked about how many times to work on things each week and also how many different behaviors to work on each day. I guess that is my struggle, what each day of a given week would look like based on the things that we have been shown to work on. And then as we keep adding stuff, our sessions could be jam packed and I know that is not how to have our dogs work!

          • Coach Leslie says:

            If the dog doesn’t fully understand the behavior then treat it like a training session – think about what you did to train them as a puppy, short sessions multiple times a day. Be careful doing opposite behaviors in the same session or sessions close together – like front paw target and rear paw target or tuck sit and rock back sit.
            Once the dog understands the behavior and does it in good form, then you can turn it into an exercise. When you have a handful of exercises, you can turn it into a workout. A workout might take 10-20 minutes.
            Sessions shouldn’t be jam packed. My goal is for you to try the exercises presented to see which ones need work. Those become training sessions. If the dog has the behavior down it goes into your exercise list. Then you can pick 2-4 exercises to create a workout.
            Depending on where I am in the season will depend on how often I’m doing workouts. During the heavy part of the season it’s 1-3 times a week. During the early season, it’s 3-5 days a week. A general rule of thumb is every other day or Wednesday. I’m not going to do a workout the day before or after competition and never on competition days.

          • Sandy & Karma says:

            Thanks Leslie, I was just feeling overwhelmed with all of the stuff we are learning………….just like when I introduce new agility behaviors, I create a spreadsheet so each time I get set up to practice, I know from session to session what to do, if not, I spin my wheels and the sessions are not very productive for me and my girl! Same with fitness, a log I think would help me get myself more organized! Sorry if I am being a dunce!

          • Coach Leslie says:

            A log is a great idea!
            Anything that is not as easy or fluent could get done more often. I’m happy to guide you but I need more information.
            As people post video of the exercises, I try to recommend how much and how often they should work on something based on what I’m seeing from them.
            Like agility, if a front cross is easy or the 2 on 2 off contact behavior is solid, you can practice that less than something that is not fluent yet.

  • kbjones70 says:

    Lucy’s fitness test on July 12, 2021

    Lucy is 15 months old.

    7 stand-sit in 30 seconds
    9 down-stand in 30 seconds
    8 sit-down in 30 seconds

    100 foot recall in 6.27 seconds

  • kbjones70 says:

    Siri’s fitness test –

    7 stand-sit in 30 seconds
    7 down-stand in 30 seconds
    9 sit-down in 30 seconds

    100 foot recall in 5.27 seconds

  • kbjones70 says:

    Rion’s fitness test –

    8 stand-sit in 30 seconds
    10 down-stand in 30 seconds
    12 sit-down in 30 seconds

    100 foot recall in 5.43 seconds

  • says:

    Finally getting these done, and posted.
    I counted 5 sit to stands, 6 down to stands, and ?4, 6? down to sit. I had a brain fart at the end of that. I have concerns about her right rear leg, and how she handles it in general.
    I counted 3 sit to stands, 4 down to stands, and 5 down to sits.
    :::SIGH::: She came back from the conformation handler TOTALLY unwilling to sit or down. We’re working on it!! This is just for a baseline.

  • Natasha says:

    Late to the party on this, but better late than never! Here are my 3 fitness tests. I haven’t been able to do the 100 yd dash yet as I still need to rustle up a holder & I added this a little later. The one thing I learned across the board, I need to work the stand command more! There were a few times, I attempted to help them get into a better stand.
    Spice- 6.5 yr old mini schnauzer
    Jazz- 6 yr old Giant schnauzer- I had to do the stand on the ground. I prolly should’ve done the rest of the exercises on the ground to help with her stance, but putting her on the table helped take the distraction of the other agility obstacles out of the question from her.
    Suzie- 3 yr old mini schnauzer- haven’t worked these commands nearly as well with her as the other two

    All comments appreciated!

  • VDogs says:

    Finally got the 100 foot dash!!! We’ve had so much rain I couldn’t get out to the field!!!!! Now we’re on our way!! 🤣

  • VickiT says:

    Here are the videos for my almost 2 year old Cardigan, Winslow. I tried posting them and got some sort of error, so hope this isn’t a duplicate. We had to film #2-#4 a couple of times so. He was not as animated by the time this one was shot. Looking forward to Dr. Leslie’s comments.

  • Whitney says:

    Taken just turned 10 and over this past year I can see he has really aged so I think this course is going to be vital for him! His “stand” wasn’t very still so I ended up doing it a little longer than 30 seconds. I also recently noticed he shifts weight to his left hip all the time when in a down, even when doing the “down to stand” exercises. He has seen his regular chiro and his pelvis was pretty rotated, but that didn’t correct it. He goes to his acupuncturist this week and I’ll see if she says anything about it. Here are his exercises (1-4) as we haven’t gotten outside to do the 100 yd dash yet.

    Select will be turning 3 in August. He had surgery on both shoulders in mid February at VOSM and we are still going through his recovery/rehab. Here are his exercises 1-4 as he isn’t allowed off leash running yet.

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