2 x 2 Diaries – Bad Dog Agility Academy

2 x 2 Diaries

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  • Sbaumbarger@bex.net says:

    Here are Myles’ weaves from today. Mom and I seemed to hear different instructions at my lesson🤣 so I followed more along with your video examples. If I should go back to 4 just let me know. I feel like I’m slowing him down but hes thinking …


    • Jennifer Crank says:

      I am very happy with this session. The main thing that I wanted to see was you switching to a manners minder at the end to keep his head down. This looks great! And I’m pretty happy with the speed. I would continue to work on entries and challenge the angles before you start to straighten up the poles anymore. And make sure that the bases are close together with no additional gap. You essentially want to use the two by twos to create channels.

      • Sbaumbarger@bex.net says:

        This is from yesterday. Picking up a little speed and working harder entries:)

        • Jennifer Crank says:

          Looking good! How close do you have them? I’d tighten them up just a bit. He is ready to move on with less reps like :15 and :48 where he is just running though. I ‘d like more like :18 where there is a bit of weave action. So keep them slightly channeled but make him work this hips 😉 Entries look great! You even did some rear crosses that I don’t do at this stage. So I’d keep them slightly open and add some obstacle before them. Put them in a small sequence. For now, still let the weaves be the last obstacle.

          • Sbaumbarger@bex.net says:

            I forgot to answer this!
            From 6/28: https://youtu.be/oaLTn3b56T8

            From today (no work in between): https://youtu.be/j9N8P9io0z4

          • Jennifer Crank says:

            6/28 Session – Looks great! I appreciate the camera view you did at the beginning that shows me exactly where the weaves are. Very helpful. I would avoid rear crosses into the weaves like you did at :36 and :40. Stick with turns towards you. I would go ahead and begin to add more handler motion. You have yet to add motion and the longer you wait, the harder it will be for him to deal with it. The MM will still be used for reinforcement too keep his head forward but add some running, FC/BC at the end, etc.

            7/8 Session – Another great session! Were the weaves in the same place as 6/28? I think you can straighten them up a bit. A few clicks too early. If adding handler motion with just he weaves goes well, begin to add more motion and obstacles before the weaves. Jump, weave ooro tunnel, jump, weave. I like to add speed and obstacles with the weaves slightly open before I totally straighten them up.

            Good work!

          • Sbaumbarger@bex.net says:

            Thanks! Is this still where you want me to post weave progress videos?

          • Jennifer Crank says:

            Ha! I didn’t even know it was in the OAJC classroom. I assumed I was in he 2×2 diaries of the VIP classroom. Thought it was odd that you asked until I looked into it a bit more.

            Since you are posing such great videos, I’d love if you could move the thread to the VIP classroom, but it really doesn’t matter. I will see it either way.


  • Jennifer Crank says:

    We stated back up with session 8. I picked up right where I left off and he didn’t miss a beat! So thrilled. I will probably stick with them slightly open for a bit to encourage speed.

  • allison3143@gmail.com says:

    How did you know when to start adding the verbal?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      When you are pretty happy with the performance you are getting, add the verbal. I add the verbal much sooner these days than I used to as I don’t want to encourage too much offering. As courses get more technical I am less inclined to encourage my dog to problem solve when not cued.

  • Jennifer Crank says:

    Weave Update-
    Day 5: https://youtu.be/SKFstw0kLRU
    Day 6: https://youtu.be/BL_pg8waS2o
    Day 7: https://youtu.be/htwpxwHIxlo

    While I am thrilled with our progress, Vento woke up a bit off physically so I will be taking a break from training for a few days. I will update when we return.

  • mach1ab@windstream.net says:

    This looks like a lot of fun and will be very beneficial being able to watch exactly how the training should be done. It will also help seeing what the expectations should be. However, I think you said that we should not start this until somewhere around a year old?

    • Jennifer Crank says:

      Yes, I thought it would fun for people to see my progressions and also how I react to failure and interact with my dogs in training. Many people just see my trial interactions. Yes, I strongly suggest you wait until AT LEAST a year to start. Weaves can be hard on the dogs body and we want to make sure they are physically mature.

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