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Sharing with YouTube

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  • says:

    Sarah, I’m stuck. I’m trying to get a video to you to tell me about weaving, or lack thereof. I have it on iMovie, ready to send thru you tube (?). I thought I sent one or two that way last year. I have an iPhone 11, and I hit the + on the bottom of screen to get started. I have the movie to see, but when I tap the 3 dots by the movie, I don’t get a share. Please help.

  • Ellen says:

    I get most of my runs on an iPad Mini and the YouTube app looks different. I click on a + sign at the bottom but I can’t get the app to consistently allow me to select videos to upload. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Youtube added a “feature” that let’s you only grant access to certain photos/videos. I find it to be annoying and confusing. It may be that when you first used the newest version, it asked you and you picked that you wanted to allow access to a select number of photos.

      I suggest changing this. You go to Settings – YouTube – click on “photos” and change it to “all photos” instead of “selected photos”

      See if that fixes it for you!

  • Teddi & Paddi’s mom says:

    When I go into my YouTube channel on my iPhone there is no camera but there is a + sign at the bottom and I can upload a video that way. Not sure why my you tube app doesn’t look like yours. Also I note yours says “premium” does that make a difference?

  • Lynne Bockelman says:

    Thanks to YOU, Sarah, I can do this now!! Thanks!!!

  • says:

    Thank you! I just needed your little hints to get uploaded and share. I’d done YouTube about 5 years ago! It is easier now!

  • says:

    What is a link, and how do I get it? IE: what is the Bad dog link so that I can send video to you? You talk and click so fast, I have had to review this several times in order to see what you are showing. Especially since I have never tried to upload anything to Utube and have only clicked on links to access it.

  • L. Jeannie Degan says:

    I am totally ignorant about all of this tech stuff. How do you get a YouTube app?

  • zenipenn says:

    just checking… (btw thanks for this video! I am a newbie to YT) at 18 sec, Sarah says “you can change the name” – so would I overtype where it says “July2019…” – seems obvious, but that’s where we pointed the program to download, so didn’t want to interrupt anything by changing the source file name while it’s actually being accessed?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      I think I understand the question. You’re not changing the source file name, you are changing the audience facing title that YouTube is going to show for your video.

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