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Sharing with YouTube

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  • Lynne Bockelman says:

    Thanks to YOU, Sarah, I can do this now!! Thanks!!!

  • says:

    Thank you! I just needed your little hints to get uploaded and share. I’d done YouTube about 5 years ago! It is easier now!

  • says:

    What is a link, and how do I get it? IE: what is the Bad dog link so that I can send video to you? You talk and click so fast, I have had to review this several times in order to see what you are showing. Especially since I have never tried to upload anything to Utube and have only clicked on links to access it.

  • L. Jeannie Degan says:

    I am totally ignorant about all of this tech stuff. How do you get a YouTube app?

  • zenipenn says:

    just checking… (btw thanks for this video! I am a newbie to YT) at 18 sec, Sarah says “you can change the name” – so would I overtype where it says “July2019…” – seems obvious, but that’s where we pointed the program to download, so didn’t want to interrupt anything by changing the source file name while it’s actually being accessed?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      I think I understand the question. You’re not changing the source file name, you are changing the audience facing title that YouTube is going to show for your video.

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