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Editing with iMovie for iOS

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  • tjcheavey@gmail.com says:

    These are very helpful, but still a bit difficult if you have an android instead of iphone!

  • gilbertcheryl@yahoo.com says:

    This was SUPER helpful to me. Demystified how to splice videos together and add text. MUCHO GRACIAS!!!

  • dogonfun@yahoo.com says:

    Can I do any of this with just my ipad? I don’t have anything but an old flip phone and ipad.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Yes! In fact I prefer iPad for video editing.

      You will need to get your video onto your iPad. You can either tape it with your iPad or transfer it to you iPad using iCloud or Dropbox.

  • mklsmile says:

    Help. I have an iphone 11 – I go to photos, pick a video, click edit, but I don’t have the scissors at the bottom. I have Cancel – a picture of a camera – then other icons for lighting, exposure, and other stuff. What am I doing wrong?

  • Dee says:

    OMG I did it! (can you tell i am technology challenged??) :>) Just finished going through my practice videos , shortening them and creating a 1.5 minute movie.

    What worked really well for me to get this – maybe it will help others – was to play your video on my desktop, while I created the movie on my iPad. That way, I wasn’t flipping back and forth and missing stuff. Took me a while, but now I think I got it…going to send my practice movie to get feedback. thank you!!.

    and, thanks for offering to help me. I wanted to get this done before your session this afternoon to see if I still got stuck.

  • Mistychance says:

    I have enjoyed your lessons on technology very much and I have been practicing with my ipad. However when I click on the imovie icon and the new movie option appears, nothing happens when I click on new movie.

  • Gerry Recksiedler says:

    Lots of fun.

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