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Advanced Exercises 7-9

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  • Barbara Lewis says:

    I have been looking for lessons on blind cross. I found a little in Shape Up Agility and I have a few courses for small space that focus on Blind Crosses (2017). Sure need more input and simple, graded exercises like the ones I found dated 2017 as well as more discussion.

    I am slow and realize that the BC will typically not be an option for me, but the 2017 maps/exercises seemed more about finess than outright running and I thought it was fun, though the double was, Whew…….more difficult and I had to move jump five away from center line a bit. I plan to gradually bring it back to where you had it, but right now the dogs are still telling me “You want me to do what?” Added counfounder is I cannot rotate my head to right very much (very little). Ideas?

    And another question. To be alerted to when feedback based on my comment has been entered: did you say something about email alert or should I be checking?


    ps Really really enjoyed narration/discussion of 2018 world cup winner running standard (and comparison to same handler in 2000!

  • Cherl says:

    Have been enjoying doing this with my younger dog and revisiting it with my older dog. Do you have video clips of you doing a demo on exercises 7-9?

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