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Advanced Exercises 7-9

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  • janetandzinnie says:

    this is showing exercises 7-9. On the last one, she dropped the bar – I think because I was moving the lotus ball around and it distracted her. This is only the second time she has done the broad jump (we practiced it first by itself before putting it into the sequence)

  • cBiscuit says:

    Finally back to this 🙂
    I was kinda rushed so I didn’t get to fix things, like I noticed I missed last jump on Biscuits second run when I ran Pyro
    Plus seems like I never do long jump, good drill! Thanks!

  • Katie Cameron says:

    If I post video here, would I be able to get feedback? Solo and I have been really enjoying working through this set of exercises! It’s been a good challenge for me to figure out the best way to handle each exercise.

    If it is, here’s a video I clipped together just in case. I find I don’t actually review my training videos unless I am editing them, so I always make an edit.

    I learned in editing that I say “Here” way too much around a turn, Also, that I set myself up for a harder time by setting up an accidental off-course and then not respecting it as an option that he could choose to take.

    • Esteban Fernandezlopez says:

      Yes, you can post video here and get feedback here as well if you prefer. For this post, I’ve sent your feedback to your email since I saw that before this post.

  • Barbara Lewis says:

    I have been looking for lessons on blind cross. I found a little in Shape Up Agility and I have a few courses for small space that focus on Blind Crosses (2017). Sure need more input and simple, graded exercises like the ones I found dated 2017 as well as more discussion.

    I am slow and realize that the BC will typically not be an option for me, but the 2017 maps/exercises seemed more about finess than outright running and I thought it was fun, though the double was, Whew…….more difficult and I had to move jump five away from center line a bit. I plan to gradually bring it back to where you had it, but right now the dogs are still telling me “You want me to do what?” Added counfounder is I cannot rotate my head to right very much (very little). Ideas?

    And another question. To be alerted to when feedback based on my comment has been entered: did you say something about email alert or should I be checking?


    ps Really really enjoyed narration/discussion of 2018 world cup winner running standard (and comparison to same handler in 2000!

  • Cherl says:

    Have been enjoying doing this with my younger dog and revisiting it with my older dog. Do you have video clips of you doing a demo on exercises 7-9?

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