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Exercise with Options

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  • ostategop says:

    I’m late getting this done, but it’s still before NAC! The wind was horrible! I had a hard time keeping the jumps upright.


  • Sue Verbocy says:

    This was a fun exercise. Really showed where we need extra work on decelerating to get a good turn.





  • Amanda says:

    Jive (competing at NAC 12p) : https://youtu.be/8K17Sk5O4ms

    Hype ( baby dog): https://youtu.be/qssyThp6WTg

  • Kim Plath says:

    Here are The Rooster’s runs for this week
    #1 6.77

    I also tried this with a reverse spin at 5, 6.76

    #2 Post, 6.34
    I think I did a little better showing Roo the turn at 5 with decel (better than I did with Tribbie)

    #3 Post 6.50
    Reverse Spin, 6.39

    The blind between 3 and 4 was a bit scary with The Rooster….not sure I would be brave enough to try that in a trial!!

    Nested Course
    First attempt 10.37

    Added a reverse spin at 6 to see if Roo could shave off some time, 10.32

  • Kim Plath says:

    Here are Tribute’s runs for this weeks exercises.
    I will work on my editing skills…I trimmed them with my GoPro, and then I had to upload them individually.
    #1 7.64

    I struggled a bit with showing decel at 5 so I tried a reverse spin, it took a bit off of our time, 7.54

    #2 Post Turn, 7.07
    Reverse Spin 7.05

    #3 Post, 7.29
    Reverse Spin, 7.24

    Nested Course, 11.39

    After running these exercises I feel like I really need to work on my decel cue!

  • Sharon says:

    Here is our video of the exercises for feed back.

    I sent Toby over a previous jump on most of these before the sequence so he would have some momentum to send him to the tunnel. I’ve included 2 attempts at exercises 2 and 3 because both times on his first try, Toby went around the banana plant that was rather close to the left wing as he did his wrap. Maybe you can tell me what I did that made him think that’s what I wanted. (I have sent him around that plant on other occasions deliberately.)


  • Melody says:

    Melody and Tucker. This one surprised me. Blind crosses are normally most comfortable for us, but DOL with right turn felt really good.


  • beardie1234 says:

    Here’s our work on these exercises. It was pretty easy to do the blinds after the tunnel in the small space exercises as I could send Truman to the tunnel and get comfortably ahead. But with the challenge sequence, if this were in the middle of a course, I doubt I could get the blind between 2-3. I would have to have too much of a head start to get there…which of course I accomplished in this exercise by releasing him late. A rear cross between 2-3 gave me much more flexibility and is what I would choose if I had to do this in the middle of an actual course. I often have to make handling decisions based on my estimation of whether I can get there or not, rather than what is the shortest or fastest line for Truman. But it is fun to try different things! I guess this falls under the topic of your last podcast…what you are willing to try in “class”… only in this case it is the veteran handler not the dog who needs the work (LOL)!



  • Barb VE says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I was surprised that you didn’t suggest DOL and then do a RC-wrap on #4. That would be my first choice, since it combines the best dog-path with relatively simple handling.
    (Of course, the dog must know that maneuver but it comes up a lot in these sort of circumstances and I think it is worth the time/effort.)
    I hope to build and try it tomorrow.

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez says:

      Hi Barb!

      I do think that’s an option worth exploring. I don’t love the fact that the dog is jumping into the handler at #3 such that they have to be slightly turned away from the handler to get to #4. So it almost turns into a serp at #3 and then a sortof over the toes rear cross. I’m sure it depends on the exact layout as well. A little bit better of an approach #2-#3 and I would like that a lot more. Give it a shot!

  • KMAC says:

    Rolex had a few wide turns… Help! Vibe was OK.

  • michellegossett@gmail.com says:

    interesting the challenges that present when I choose different handling options. FWIW, Will and I are just training… he is a baby dog and my first “fast” dog!!
    Option 1 was clearly the easiest for us and we did it in one try. Other options opened up other opportunities 🤣🤣


    I hope I have posted the right videos!!! Huge learning curve in my life right now 👍

  • Nancy Schanda says:

    Rain today and tomorrow, then off to a trial, so I got up early to set this up before it started raining hard!
    Kimber – Exercise 1, 3 Options https://youtu.be/wvb9QKEumy4
    Flash – Exercise 1, 3 Options https://youtu.be/YzqHqeTt-_g

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